5 years of growth at Gecko, strengthened by partnering with the right agents.

19 September 2019

What qualities make someone the right agent to partner with

- A trusted agent who has a proven track record in Pattaya but most of all can offer professionalism

Who did you work for and what experience had you before you created Gecko.

When I first started out working Real Estate in Pattaya, I worked and eventually managed the biggest and most professional agency at that time.

What was your big break if any that started you off?

- In my opinion, the industry lacked that touch of trust and professionalism, and I thought I could bring that to the Pattaya Real Estate market, whereby having full control of a business I could ensure that the values I would expect would be passed on to my clients

Did you think you could do it better?

- I believed some things could be done better within the industry and wanted to bring a level of professionalism and honesty that had been lacking in the local industry.

How was the business built up from the start, were you on your own?

Did you start with nothing and slowly add?

- Yes, I started from scratch, so it's been a long road.

Brand new office and brand?

- We started with a smaller office in Soi Bukhaow but with the growth of our business and personnel have now moved to bigger premises opposite big C extra Pattaya Klang

Why did you think you could make a success of being your own boss?

- Motivated and a hard worker, my attitude in life is if you're going to do something, then do it right. I'm also here for the long haul having a small family, and this is my home. You see a lot of businesses burst on to the scene but here today and gone tomorrow. I plan for Gecko to be here for many years.

Were there any big breaks that helped you on your way, being an exclusive agent for a developer etc.

- I have been very fortunate to build some great business and friendship relationships with my customers. Their valued belief in what we were trying to achieve at Gecko Properties was the best start anyone could hope for along with the respect and trust of local developers and other respectable agents.

Did you see the potential of Pattaya within the real estate market? What was the demographic mix at the start, and how did it slowly change?

- The Pattaya real estate market has always had great potential and over the last 5 years has grown and grown, I saw an opportunity for a trusted agent who will take care of all your property needs and here for the long haul.

Did the growth plan you implemented work, did you have to change direction or just expand your services?

- You always have to try and move with the times; we have gone from a receptionist and me 5 years ago to now several sales and rental consultants plus admin staff and myself running the business to ensure the standards you require are upheld.

What were and what has become your core services.

- It will always be servicing the customers within the house and condo sale and rental market. Be a master of one trade is and always will be my view.

Has partnering with the right agent always worked or has the partnership grown with experience, or luck.

- Like anything in business things don't always go as planned, but experience teaches you who to deal with and who not, this is why I always advise my clients to select the right agent, one that provides real estate services to an expected standard being both trustworthy and honest with all their dealings. We deal with other agents regularly that are similar to our beliefs, but there are a lot of so-called "agents" who don't have the same, and things can go wrong very quickly.

We all need a break in business was there one time when you thought that's it, I need to do that.

- Starting the company in the first place and putting in to practice my beliefs and standards that we still uphold today.

We all have to work hard at what we do, but what do you believe Gecko has that nobody else has.

- The total trust of our clients read our reviews and talk to our customers, we go above and beyond to do the right thing, sometimes that is as simple as telling a hard truth that the client doesn't want to hear but should. We'd prefer to gain a client for years rather than just the one deal.

From 1-5 years, what has been the highlight and where do you see not only your business but real estate in the next 5 years.

- My highlight is first succeeding in a very competitive industry, there are over 250 agents out there plus hundreds of freelancers, so to rise close to the top was my ambition. Then like any business, the goal is to stay there. I see the real estate market going from strength to strength and where there is a strong industry you will always have people trying their hand at it. My advice to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property is picking a respectable agent with a business model you feel comfortable with, the right agent is there to help and assist you every step of the way. Some clients are putting their life savings on the line so the deal should be something that they should feel totally safe with. Trust is paramount to our business brand.

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