23 October 2019

 It is a good idea to live near city amenities especially for health centers that are full with all necessary equipment and quality physicians. In Pattaya, there are commonly 2 kinds of hospitals; Government hospitals and Private hospitals. Both Government hospitals and Private Hospitals have their own strong points: Private hospital have very good service and can save your time, while Government hospital have a lot of experienced doctors who have seen it all and a wide range of medical machines. Let’s consider all 5 major hospitals in Pattaya in both categories.


Government hospitals in Pattaya

Starting from the North part of Pattaya, Banglamung Hospital used to be the only main facility to take care of all the people in Pattaya and surrounding area. If you choose Social Security to be Chonburi Hospital, you can also use Banglamung hospital for free and also some clinics in Pattaya and Chonburi that have a contract with Chonburi Hospital Network. Sometimes when the case is so serious and it’s not under control, you can be transferred to Chonburi Hospital with no extra charges.

Pattaya City Hospital is a Brand-new hospital that started their full service in 2015. This government hospital is run by a private company, so it is called half government half private. The service is great. Staff are well trained and the place is very clean. You will get the service nearly the same with private hospitals and yes… the prices are slightly higher than Banglamung hospital.




Private Hospitals in Pattaya

Pattaya Memorial Hospital started over 35 years ago. It is considered by many people that this hospital is one of the most reasonable price among private hospitals in Pattaya. The place is clean and you don’t have to wait so long while in pain. The hospital offers some packages for giving birth or checkup. Emergency service are open 24 hours and you can call 038-488777 for information.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has all what you will need for health treatment and convenience. Although the price is very high but you can make sure that they check everything very carefully with high technology machines and give you all best medications they have. The staff are very friendly. They will make you feel at home.

Pattaya International Hospital is more fully equipped than Pattaya Memorial Hospital, so sometimes you will be transferred here for scanning with machines or other devices. The cost is lower than Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and they have a reputation about a lot of quality doctors working here. The owner of the hospital was a good doctor with years of experience and he is also a Swedish Consul.


Perfect City For Health Care

Nobody wants to get sick, but when it happens we need the best service at a reasonable price. That is what we all know and follow. Pattaya has 5 main hospitals and a lot of clinics inside the area. Around 10 kilometers from here there are more hospitals that have a lot of doctor’s professor with high experience such as Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital(Somdej Hospital), Samitivej Sriracha Hospital, Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital, etc. Therefore, Pattaya is a perfect area of how to live healthily with enough facilities about hospital and clinics surrounded.

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