When choosing where to live, there are many factors that you will take into consideration. If you have school-age children, then choosing a location that has access to your preferred school will likely be high on your list. International Schools in Thailand have a reputation for providing the highest standard of education to both Thai and foreign students.
Pattaya Property, Sun sea and sand plus outstanding entertainment coupled with commercial and tourist attractions have given Pattaya a well-deserved reputation for the perfect spot for retirement or just a weekend getaway. Over some years people have been buying houses and condos units as a first home in Pattaya, second homes for leisure and relaxation, and as retirement residences. Medical holidays are also proving very popular in Pattaya as well for dentistry or cosmetic surgery.
One obstacle that is quite difficult in Thailand is dealing with paper work. How to open bank accounts is one of the most common situations every foreigner has, who wants to spend any amount of time in Thailand. Before we talk about papers to prepare when we open a bank account
We all want our kids to have the best opportunity to learn in good schools with all kinds of facilities for their improvement. How can we tell if this is a good place for our children? It may take a lot of time to make a decision. Here we've prepared some basic information of each international and private school in Pattaya