Whats in store for the Real Estate market in 2020

27 February 2020

So, what does 2020 have in store for the property markets? It promises to be a testing time with developers having a more cautious approach. It will undoubtedly be a buyer's market. Thailand has enjoyed a steady growth in the property market, over recent years, but because of the economic climate and the strong BAHT, it has brought uncertainty within the sector. Many developers have slowed down their new projects in favour of trying to clear their unsold portfolios. There is a new tax about to be introduced which puts further pressure on landowners to start developing vacant plots to avoid a new tax. This time more than over the last few years will allow a client to get the best deal either from either renting or buying. There is certainly an abundance of rental properties to be had. If you are thinking of changing your house or looking to purchase for the first time, there are many areas within the Pattaya area offering several incentives.

With the tightening of lending rates aimed at the domestic market, it has had an impact as many homebuyers prevented in getting the level of credit required for a mortgage. First-time buyers affected the most trying to get on the property ladder for the first time.

Recently there have been moves from the government to relax the lending criteria as they strive to stimulate the economy. Prompting a further 10% option for borrowing on new properties to furnish and decorate. Also, there has been a relaxation for the borrowing conditions for second homeowners. Certainly, a welcome boost. Where people can prove the mortgage on their first property is in order, they can now borrow 90% with a 10% deposit, which has reduced from 20%.

Gecko has tailored made finance packages available on properties in its portfolio at very competitive rates. With their professional team, they are available to offer great deals subject to the property type and client's credentials — a great way to get in the Pattaya real estates.

Whether a client wants to invest in a new development or choose from 1500 existing Pattaya condos for rent or houses for rent Pattaya within the Gecko portfolio, they have a team of professionals waiting to advise you.

If the choice is a new development, their staff with a wealth of experience and can guide you through the process. Having spent many years within the new development market building relationships with the developers, they can put that experience to be able to present the best deals to either rent or buy your ideal condo or house.

With many years of experience, Gecko is in an ideal position with their highly trained staff to provide you with the best possible advice. Their area of expertise in the real estate market allows them to give you an in-depth view of what is available whether you are looking to rent or buy a condo or house. They also have extensive knowledge of all the significant areas in the beautiful resort of Pattaya. Family, or single person they will highlight all the relevant areas and amenities of interest, getting you the best advice and information for you to make the right decision.

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